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Every time I talk about my birth story Monique is the hero! From my first meeting with her I felt at ease with both her personality and her expertise. She taught my husband some techniques to help me during early labor and they made all the difference in my ability to cope compared with my first delivery. Labor progressed very quickly and by the time we were in the car I was ready to push the baby out. If it wasn’t for Monique I would have had a car delivery. She knew how to help me breathe and helped me get to the birth center for delivery. She was extremely calming and encouraging through the whole process and was even able to help with the baby’s nursing latch a couple days after delivery which made a HUGE difference. I have recommended Monique to my personal friends and will always recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Having Monique as my doula was an absolute game changer. After a very hard first birth and two elective inductions, I wasn’t considering an out-of-hospital birth until my OB retired suddenly when I was 20w pregnant and it became clear her colleagues could not offer proper care to the large number of patients they had. Monique mentioned that I could consider the birth center. I took a tour and decided I wanted to give it a try but I didn’t want to do it unless she could be my doula! I’ve always found her presence to be so calming and I did not want to do this without her by our side. She spent so much time preparing me before birth and answered my call the moment my water broke. She checked on me about an hour after my water broke and offered to come over but I told her I was fine, the contractions weren’t bad yet! In her wisdom, she said “I’m just going to come on by and check on you, I’ll be a fly on the wall, don’t worry about me!” And WOW. I am SO glad she did because my contractions went from manageable, 8 minutes apart to painful, 3 minutes apart very suddenly a few hours after she got there. I am so so so glad she was already there! She told us it was time to head to the birth center and if she hadn’t been there, with her decade of experience as a doula, we 100% would’ve been having an accidental home or car birth. I cannot thank Monique enough for her wisdom and calming presence as well as her guidance and direction in a moment where I wasn’t sure it was really time to go yet. In the car she was so incredibly helpful as my contractions were growing closer together and more intense. She helped me with breathing and comfort measures giving my husband the ability to focus purely on getting us there. Once we were at the birth center, she gave me tips during pushing that were really helpful. My baby was born 21 minutes after arriving - had it not been for Monique’s direction and wisdom, we wouldn’t have made it!! The entire experience was such a joy and Monique’s friendship and presence as my doula was a significant contributor to that. We hope to continue growing our family and we most certainly will be counting on Monique again to be our doula. Her experience, calming presence, and kindness are unmatched. Thank you, Monique!!!

I wondered for quite a while "do I really need a doula?" I met with a handful of doulas, and I knew Monique was the one, but even after meeting I wondered if I was making the right decision in hiring a doula at all. Then, 9 months pregnant, Monique came to my house. She was incredible. Her words, her touch, her connection with both me and my husband. Its a magical and emotional experince, the whole journey! We really cannot imagine how it would have gone with out Monique. I hope to get pregnant again and will not go thru labor with out Monique. The way she supported us before, durring, and after birth was beyond what we thought was possible. I am forever grateful for you Monique. Chris and I love you and we will connect with you again soon.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Monique. I went looking for a doula a few months before my baby was due and was completely against it, but I need one to have a homebirth vbac. I am so thankful that I did, Monique was such a support, I didn't realize how much I'd need someone (besides husband) to be there solely for me, no judgement, no pressure. Even before the birth, just talking with her about everything was Luke talking to an old friend. She is a treasure!

When I first reached out to Monique for guidance on how to sleep train my 9 month old, it was after months of frustration, long nights, short naps and at a total loss of how to help my baby sleep. Monique listened to me pour out just how helpless I was that my days were filled with an overly tired fussy baby and a Momma searching for a better way. Within a week of following Monique’s simple, clear and effective instructions my daughter now sleeps 11 hours straight at night, takes two great naps during the day and our whole lives have changed for the better. I’m now able to sleep better at night than I have since she was born, I have time to clean, make phone calls or have me time when she naps and when she’s awake she is now the happiest most energetic I’ve ever seen her which has improved her eating and crawling skills. My only regret is that I wish I would have contacted Monique sooner!

After a year of not sleeping, I finally cried “uncle” and hired Monique to help us sleep train through her virtual consultation package. Our son went from waking up every 2-3 hours for a year, to sleeping thru the night in 2 days, by simply following Monique’s custom sleep plan (tailored to my son based on my concerns and goals). I am so relieved and happy to have found Monique. In the two weeks that we have been sleeping, I feel like a better mom and human. I am more alert, present and playful with my family. And my son’s dark circles under his eyes are gone. He has made huge developmental leaps as well. I cannot recommend Monique enough! Spend the money. Make the investment. You cannot put a price on sleep. Sleep is medicine.

Monique helped us through the sleep training process! After 2 months of our little one waking up every 45 minutes, we finally reached out for help. She gave us the confidence and tools needed to move our baby to his own room, and now he only wakes up once or twice a night. It's wonderful to sleep again!

Monique is absolutely wonderful to work with! I felt so much more at ease and prepared for birth after just the first class session. Couldn’t recommend her more!

Monique is so caring and passionate. She has many years of experience. You can trust her!

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