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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Childbirth Education approach?

Being trained by ICEA, I do not subscribe to a particular childbirth education philosophy. I present plenty of information, techniques and strategies that encompass some of all of the childbirth approaches. Now that I am collaborating with 5 other doulas, it is an even more well-rounded class!

Do you only support natural birth?

No. I believe that it is a woman’s choice to have the birth she feels most comfortable with. Birth should be without fear. Birth grows us into mothers. If a woman wants a medicated or unmedicated birth, that is her choice and I will support her. I am experienced with all types of births.

Are you approved to serve first-time moms at Beginnings Birth Center?


Do you support virtually?

Although it is not ideal, I can  support as a birth doula virtually, when needed. This involves instructing your partner in comfort techniques and attending the birth virtually to offer information and verbal affirmation. I also offer my Virtual Village postpartum support. This entails 10 hours of my time supporting you as you begin your parenthood journey. I’m just a phone call or Google Meet away!

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