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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Childbirth Education approach?

Being trained by ICEA, I do not subscribe to a particular childbirth education philosophy. I present plenty of information, techniques and strategies that encompass some of all of the childbirth approaches.

Do you only support natural birth?

No. I believe that it is a woman’s choice to have the birth she feels most comfortable with. Birth should be without fear. Birth grows us into mothers. If a woman wants a medicated or unmedicated birth, that is her choice and I will support her. I am experienced with all types of births.

Is your sleep training CIO (cry it out)?

If I thought CIO was the only method to get a baby to sleep independently, you wouldn’t need a Consultant 😉 I believe your philosophy in parenting will determine the sleep training/shaping method that feels comfortable to you. We can take it at the pace that you want.

Do you support virtually?

My Childbirth Education and Sleep Consulting are both virtual services. I can also support as a doula virtually, when needed. This involves instructing your partner in comfort techniques and attending the birth virtually to offer information and verbal affirmation.

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