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Be Prepared

Childbirth Education

I have collaborated with 4 other amazing doulas to bring a truly unique childbirth education class designed to prepare you for your birth journey!

We discuss anatomy, stages of labor, what to expect in labor, breathing techniques, comfort measures, interventions, Informed Consent and more. We draw upon our collective knowledge and experience, training from Spinning Babies, as well as using a blend of elements from Plumtree Baby Curriculum and Birthing From Within. We also go over unexpected events and newborn care. You will complete this class feeling empowered and prepared, not bored or overwhelmed, with information.

collective wisdom

Empowered Life Birth Collective

Get the wisdom and experience of 5 doulas (including a nurse and massage therapist) with certifications and trainings from DONA, ProDoula, ICEA, Hypnobabies, and more!



Beginnings Birth Center Approved

This class meets the requirements for the Beginnings Birth Center in Colorado Springs!

Proven Techniques

Plumtree and More

Content comes from Plumtree Baby Curriculum with elements of Birthing From Within, Spinning Babies and proven relaxation techniques!

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Childbirth Education Classes

There for your birth and beyond!

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