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Should I See a Chiropractor in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be fraught with discomforts! Low back pain, pelvic pain, leg cramps and sleeplessness, to name a few. How can we alleviate some of these less-than-pleasant experiences?

See a chiropractor! Getting a chiropractic adjustment will not resolve every issue, but consider the following:

  1. By making sure that your pelvis is properly aligned, you will be helping baby be in a more optimal position.
  2. This in turn, relieves back pain and pelvis pain.
  3. Because the center of gravity changes during pregnancy, making sure that the spine is properly aligned can help alleviate headaches, upper back pain, and pubic bone pain.
  4. Chiropractic adjustments can help improve your sleep and increase your energy, as well. We all know how sleep and energy can be in short supply during pregnancy!
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Benefits for labor

How does a shorter labor sound? When baby is in an optimal position (in the birth world we refer to this as OA, occiput anterior), you spend less time in labor trying to reposition baby through various positions and maneuvers. By properly aligning the sacrum and the pelvis, baby can find that optimal position.

Webster Technique

It is important to ask your Chiropractor if they use the Webster Technique. This technique is specifically for pregnancy. The sacrum is attached to the round ligaments from which your uterus is suspended. When one of these ligaments gets tight it can cause torsion to the uterus, interfering with the nervous system, and baby’s passage through the pelvis during labor. By making adjustments, your chiropractor can relieve tightness in the piriformis and the psoas and alleviate pressure on the pubic bone. Doesn’t this all sound so lovely to your pregnant body?

Love your Chiropractor

Your chiropractor is a vital part of your pregnancy support team! Make sure that you are comfortable with their set-up, their philosophy and their technique. Starting chiropractic care early in your pregnancy maximizes the benefits, and can help you stay on top of some the common discomforts. If you find the right chiropractor, you will look forward to these visits.

Here in Colorado Springs, we have a wonderful chiropractor who specializes in prenatal and pediatric care. Dr. Ashley at Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractic | Babies & Bellies Family Chiropractic ( uses the Webster Technique, and has a passion for perinatal and pediatric care, among other services. This is the model of care for pregnant women in chiropractic. By doing your research, you can add an invaluable asset to your pregnancy health, wellness and comfort.

“A wise man (or woman) ought to realize that health is his(her) most valuable possession.” – Hippocrates

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